Amal Khouri

About Amal

I have been painting for many years. Starting off in Pastels and then oils and now in the past few years in Acrylics and Mixed Media.

Most recently Resin art. Lately I’ve made a lot of Resin Art. I love the way the colours intermingle and can reflect freedom, darkness, joy or sorrow.

Painting takes me inwards and I paint what I’m feeling at the time. It is for me,  a release of emotions.

Art is all around us and is a portrayal of all aspects of life and our interaction with the environment and each other on a personal and worldwide level.

There is art and wonder everywhere. For me it is a wonderful expression of the mind , thoughts and feelings and surroundings, furthermore it is a historical witness in  many cases , whether that be world history or personal history.

Living in Australia I don’t take for granted our beautiful beaches which are a source of fun, tranquillity or extremely therapeutic impact and can accommodate your every mood . I love Australia for its beauty and for affording most their basic human rights, a subject close to my heart.

I have exhibited many times at Hazelhurst Art Gallery and at St. George Art Society and also Southern Cross Art Society and also at Charity Associations and Home exhibitions.

I still paint in different mediums depending on the subject and my mood. The main thing is Art is my love.